In the event of conflict between these rules and any other set, the rules distributed to the teams at registration will govern and the arena coordinators decision on any matters will be



A Shootout Competition will immediately follow the conclusion of each Round-Robin game. Teams will compete for the title of Shoot-Out Champions and the team will receive a trophy to take home. *repeat players CANNOT occur until after ALL active skaters have had one shot attempt each in the tournament.

If all skaters have had one shot then a repeat player will be permitted in your final game, however no player may shoot more than twice. Any team that does not follow this rule will be automatically eliminated from contention.


Both teams shoot at the same time

• 1 point is awarded for every goal scored
• 3 bonus points are awarded to a team who wins the shootout
• 1 bonus point awarded to a team who ties a shootout
• 0 bonus points awarded to a team who loses a shootout
• No skater can be a repeat shooter in the tournament until after every player has had one shot
• One shooter from each team will shoot at the same time (simultaneous shooters)
• The team in each division with the most points at the end of the round-robin wins a trophy and is crowned Shootout Champion!
• If there is a tie in points, we implement the following tie breaking rules:
➢ team with the most shootout bonus points *combined wins (3 points) plus ties (1 point)
➢ team with the most shootout wins
➢ team with the lowest number of shootout goals allowed
➢ team with the most shootout goals scored
➢ team with most regulation wins
➢ team with the regulation highest total goals scored, less total goals allowed
➢ Coin flip at arena registration desk performed by a member the Tournament Committee
• In the event of an unforeseen incident which causes a shootout to be cancelled by the Tournament Committee (prolonged delay, emergency, etc..) each team will be awarded 2 Bonus Shootout Points (Win + Tie / 2) plus given credit for their team scoring on HALF of their shootout attempts (e.g. 2.5 at U11 AAA, or 2 at any A or AA division)